Explore the world around the clock

What do 24 hours look like beyond our skies, where the sun and stars can be seen at the same time, all the time? In the latest edition under VICTION-VICTION’s best-selling Day & Night series, young readers are invited to explore the exciting possibilities of life in outer space by taking a closer look at what (extra-)terrestrials get up to across two beautifully illustrated 1.4-metre panoramas by Meel Tamphanon. From interplanetary adventures on rockets and spaceships to satellite capsules and stations that teem with activities, this book offers a fun glimpse into the future and different dimensions through challenging puzzles, things to spot, and compelling visuals that glow in the dark.

Client : Victionary Editor: VICTION-VICTION
Illustrator: Meel Tamphanon
Release date: February 2021
Language: English