"The Blanket"

2D Animated film, Art thesis
Digital Art, Rangsit University

 “ The suffocation of love  and expectations about the family ”

The suffocating blanket of love and expectations becomes with long distance between father and daughter.
Father who is a fisherman. He returns home with many fish every day 
for his daughter with forces her to eat those of them.
One day, Her father left at the sea like the other day and he has not returned, letting her live alone.



"THE BLANKET"​​​​​​​

Working progress 

concept art/character design/

All character design
Father and Daughter

The first sketch.
(The character a boy)

***This film is “THESIS”, made for greaduate from university.

All music in this film,not of its own making.
Is intended for educational only.

Not use the material for commercial purposes.***